It started with a river

Ever since the young Julius Caesar decided – against the orders of the Senate – to cross the River Rubicon and march his legion towards Rome, ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ has come to mean taking a decisive, irreversible step. His single-minded act eventually led to the creation of the Roman Empire.

Some time later...

In 1982, another brave venture was made – this time in the soft drink world. Born from a passion for exotic flavours and an aspiration to do something a bit different, Rubicon Exotic Juices Drinks was born. Set in the humble surroundings of a kitchen as a lab, a two man team began to devise their deliciously exotic thirst-quenchers. Shortly after, Rubicon Passionade (the UK's first ever sparkling passion fruit drink) was launched! The authentic ‘true to the fruit’ flavour of Passionade was a huge hit and was soon followed by Rubicon Sparkling Mango Crush.

Since 1982, Rubicon has emerged over three decades of dedication to become the UK’s market leader in exotic juice drinks. The brand now offers a delicious range of still and sparkling drinks, ice creams and lollies for its legions of exotic juice drink fans.

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