Pupils at school in Jaanvery Goth

Eye screenings

In 2011-12, as a result of Rubicon’s support, LRBT conducted 131,443 eye screenings. This saved valuable time for the doctors and ensured that services reached the largest number of disadvantaged people possible. The Trust matched our funding of £20,000 to make sure:

"A total of just under 395,000 screenings were carried out."

Abha Thorat-Shah, Director,
The British Asian Trust

Baldev and 'Umeed'

Baldev, a father of two and deaf and mute by birth, has always found it difficult to financially support his family. Attending the MAST programme, however, changed his life. Given specialized training on work place etiquette and related topics using interactive material developed at the center, a marked improvement was made to his self-confidence. Baldev was supported in finding a job after his training, and now works at Steachman, earning INR 3,000 per month. He is now able to provide for his family. He sums up his experience at UMEED as, ‘I have been really touched by this experience and in future I would like to help other such youth with disabilities and show them the right path.’

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The Partnership In Brief

Rubicon is committed to playing an active, supportive and positive role in community life especially where its employees, customers and suppliers are based. Rubicon shares The British Asian Trust’s vision of helping poor and disadvantaged children, especially girls, get access to basic quality education.

So, Rubicon and The British Asian Trust entered into a partnership in 2010 with aiming to tackle disadvantage across India and Pakistan. The two organisations have built on that success ever since.

Rubicon plays a big part in the ‘BAT effect’ on charities and good causes. To this end Rubicon dedicated £20,000 of funding towards three projects in India and Pakistan. This helped make a difference in the lives of over 130,000 people in the critical areas of health, education and livelihoods.

Abdul's story

Rickshaw driver Abdul Hakeem needed cataract surgery but a lack of resources meant that this wasn’t possible. His eyesight began to deteriorate further and made a serious impact on his livelihood.

Abdul’s brother-in-law advised him to visit LRBT’s screening facilities at Rashidabad, where Abdul was referred for surgery. Doctors at LRBT performed a successful surgery at no cost to Abdul, restoring his vision. Abdul now leads a normal life and is back to driving his rickshaw and supporting his family.

Pupils at school in Jaanvery Goth


In 2011-12, 1,640 illiterate rural women were provided a combination of management training in accountancy and marketing as well as technical skills like tailoring, agro-businesses, and veterinary skills. The Trust leveraged another £52,000 support from local and international partners including Accenture in India to reach over 18,000 beneficiaries.

Essential skills

1,464 disadvantaged young people from the slums of Ahmadabad were trained and equipped with critical, entry-level employability skills. The Trust provided £25,000 funding from the UK and circa £95,000 from our local partner (The America India Foundation) allowing the Umeed project to reach 8,700 young people – of which 7,200 were placed in jobs. Differently-abled young people were targeted and 161 trained and 125 were placed in different jobs.

Kareemat and her proud Head Teacher, Mrs Huma

Sujata’s Business

Sujata Mane ran a small ‘spices and noodle’ business for 7 years, and graduated from the Mann Deshi MBA programme in 2012. There she learned how to package, price and even brand her spices. Now, Sujata’s started a small grocery shop to cater to the local community, and is planning to expand her business by supplying to shops in Pune.

Sujata’s mother-in-law now supports her through book-keeping and account management – skills she learnt at the school. Sujata recently purchased a plot of land and paid for the education of her children from the income made through her growing business.

the Chairman

“The British Asian Trust is delighted to have been chosen by Rubicon for support for a second year running. Rubicon’s support has been critical not only in raising much-needed funds for our work, but in also bringing to the forefront of the community here, the work we do, in a fun and engaging manner. We are delighted that Rubicon has pledged its support for a 3rd year in 2012 and look forward to further strengthening the partnership.”

Manoj Badale,
Chairman, THe British Asian Trust